cheer tumblingTumbling is a breath taking type of gymnastics. Its about somersaults, flips and twists and how they all come together in a formation. For those that have some experience with gymnastics, its easy to get started with tumbling.

We specialize in Cheer Tumbling. We instruct in Cart-Wheels, Round-Offs, Back & Front Hand-Springs, Back & Front Tucks, Walk-Overs, Aerials, Lay-Outs, Twists, and many more. The tumbling class if for age group 12+. This class is geared for cheerleaders that want to learn their back-handspring and improve their tumbling skills. This class is also open to adults, dancers, martial artists, break dancers, parkour students, or anyone wanting to spice up their performance with aerial tumbling skills. In this class, you will also be able to learn standing back tucks, round-off back handsprings, and all the way up to full twisting layouts and more.