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SET Gymnastics offers quality fitness, gymnastics and cheer-leading instruction for children of all ages and levels.



Tumbling is a breathtaking type of gymnastics. It's about somersaults, flips, and twists and how they all come together in a formation. For those that have some experience with gymnastics, it's easy to get started with tumbling.

We specialize in Cheer Tumbling. We instruct in Cart-Wheels, Round-Offs, Back & Front Hand-Springs, Back & Front Tucks, Walk-Overs, Aerials, Lay-Outs, Twists, and many more. The tumbling class is for the age group 12+. This class is geared toward cheerleaders that want to learn their back-handspring and improve their tumbling skills. This class is also open to adults, dancers, martial artists, break-dancers, parkour students, or anyone wanting to spice up their performance with aerial tumbling skills. In this class, you will also be able to learn standing back tucks, round-off back handsprings, and all the way up to full twisting layouts and more.
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